Harry owns NYC now. We don’t make the rules.

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Harry Styles has officially taken over New York City this month, after his aptly named “Love on Tour’’ rolled up to Madison Square Garden following a year-long delay due to the pandemic. Since Oct. 3, he has performed at three sold out…

Are Amy Adams and Julianne Moore okay?

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Now fully vaccinated and back in the city to resume on-campus studies, the team behind your favorite blog (that’s us, BTW) was finally able to reunite for a screening of Dear Evan Hansen. Per our longstanding tradition, we were all either drunk, sober, or high. …

After going viral on TikTok, the Clive Davis sophomore played to a packed venue at the Bitter End last Friday.

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The sun’s just starting to set when budding singer-songwriter Grace Enger takes the stage at The Bitter End, a small, sweaty venue tucked away among the many other small, sweaty venues that dot Greenwich Village. …

Two staff writers give an hourly play-by-play of their chaotic Saturdays at Governors Ball.

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Collage of Megan Thee Stallion, Phoebe Bridgers and ASAP Rocky with text saying “NYU Local at Govball”
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The annual Governors Ball Music Festival returned with a bang this past weekend, after last year’s festival was cancelled due to COVID. Taking place at brand new location — leaving behind Randall’s Island — Local staff writers Anna Cuciurean-Zapan and Giovanny Ramos made…

The GSOC strike commenced earlier this week after 10 months of attempted negotiations between the union and university administration.

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NYU’s Graduate Student Organizing Committee (GSOC) began its strike on Monday, April 26, after 96.4% of its membership voted to authorize the strike on April 9. …

Interested in contributing an article to Local, but not sure about committing to a staff writer position? Check out this guide to get started.

What to pitch: At Local, we’re interested in pitches that analyze current events, media, and pop culture from your unique perspective as an NYU student. While we do value reported pieces — especially those on breaking city and on-campus news — we also accept pitches of varying types and topics…

We can do better than “We go together like GCASL and Kimmel.”

An envelope with a valentine coming out of it that reads, “I love you more than Tisch kids love vaping outside of Bobst. Will you be my valentine?”
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On Friday, I was tapping through my Instagram stories when I was met with the frankly horrifying image of a dancing Albert Gallatin, with the caption “Albie Yours.” Next up was Andy Hamilton’s floating, cartoon head with a chemistry textbook: “I love you more than Andie loves chemistry.” NYU’s e-valentines went downhill from there.

The paper’s editorial team officially resigned Monday, Sept. 28, citing the toxic work environment and new editorial advisor as reasons why.

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The editorial team of Washington Square News (WSN) resigned on Monday, Sept. 28, in response to toxic work conditions and an antagonistic new editorial advisor. The decision was made collectively by the team of 43 staff editors, and was announced in a public letter published on WSN’s website.

The letter…

Because the world is ending, what else are you going to listen to?

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Quarantine has us all going through it; even Miss Swift. NYU Local’s resident fangirls, Amanda and Pierre-Philippe, came together and compiled the ultimate Taylor Swift quarantine playlist for all of your listening needs. …

I live at the W Union Square Hotel.

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Towards the end of the summer, multiple NYU students were notified via email that they’d be temporarily placed in off-campus housing provided by the University in order to displace students to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The new housing was later revealed to be the W Union Square Hotel. …

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